Blum on the road '22

2 February 2023
Blum on the Road '22 was a hybrid event hosted by Blum. Its goal was to promote the company's newest catalog for 22/23. The event featured 14 in-person meetings in 13 Polish cities as well as 1 online event hosted via Gridaly.

Tags: hybrid event, product launch, registration, data verification, double opt-in, ticket pools, personalized tickets, QR codes, check-in app, SMS notifications, email campaigns, automatic reminders, gamification, forms, integration with Inpost

Blum on Tour 2022 was a hybrid event organized by Blum, which was a product launch of their latest catalog for 2022/2023. The event consisted of 14 stationary meetings in 13 cities across Poland and an online event on the Gridaly platform.


  • the opportunity to receive the Blum catalog in person at a stationary event or by ordering it online with delivery,
  • possibility to attend only one stationary event,
  • a limited number of seats during stationary meetings,
  • verifying the identity of participants who show up at stationary meetings and who order the catalog online,
  • contacting registered participants and reminding them of stationary meeting dates,
  • the Blum catalog can be ordered only after the interested party has viewed all the organizer's videos,
  • a simple catalog order form with the option of ordering a courier and shipping to an Inpost parcel machine.

To celebrate the launch of the new 2022/2023 catalog, the organizers wanted to create an event that would be an opportunity for attendees to get their copy of the product. Participants were to have two options - come to the stationary event and pick up the catalog in person, or order it online with home delivery. Stationary participants were to be able to attend only one stationary event. Due to the restrictive requirements of RODO, the organizer wanted every participant registering (whether for the stationary meeting or the online event) to confirm their identity via email (double opt-in).

The organizer wanted to stay in touch with registered event attendees and remind them of the dates of upcoming stationary meetings and the online event on the platform. During the stationary meetings, the organizer also wanted to be able to simply and quickly verify that the participating attendees had registered through Blum's official channel and if they had their admission tickets.

The Blum catalog was to be distributed during the stationary meetings and available for ordering on the event platform. However, the organizer wanted the order to be available only after interacting with the platform, and more specifically after watching the videos prepared by the organizer. The catalog ordering process itself was to be as simple as possible, and participants should be able to choose from two delivery methods - by courier or by Inpost Parcel Machines.


  • hybrid event - 14 stationary meetings in 13 Polish cities and an online event on the platform,
  • registration via a landing page, in the registration form there was a necessity to choose one of the stationary meetings or the online event,
  • limited pool of tickets for each stationary meeting, and once the limit for a given meeting is exceeded, registration for it becomes inactive,
  • email campaign with email address confirmation (double opt-in) automatically sent to all event registrants, and a reminder to verify data after 24 hours (if the participant has not verified it),
  • email and SMS campaigns with reminders about upcoming events,
  • personalized tickets with unique QR codes,
  • the Gridaly check-in app, which Blum representatives used during the stationary meetings to verify QR codes on participants' tickets,
  • use of gamification and session functionality to build a path to the Blum catalog order form: the order form tab unlocks after watching 10 videos (embedded on the platform as sessions); each subsequent video unlocks after watching 80% of the previous one,
  • integration of the Inpost form into the Blum catalog order form, so online participants could order the catalog and have it shipped to any Parcel Post in Poland.

Through Gridaly, we prepared a comprehensive hybrid event, consisting of 14 stationary meetings in 13 Polish cities and an online event on the platform. Registration for the event was via a landing page, where in the registration form participants had to indicate which part of the event they wanted to participate in. If they chose the stationary meeting, they had to indicate 1 of the 13 cities. Participants could not register for more than 1 stationary meeting. There was also a limited pool of tickets for each stationary meeting. Once the limit was exceeded, registration for a specific stationary meeting became inactive.

At the event, the organizer prepared email and SMS campaigns targeting participants. The first was participant identity confirmation mailings, which were automatically sent to people registering for the event (so-called double opt-in). If a participant did not confirm their data within 24 hours of registering, the system re-sent them an email asking them to verify. In addition, the organizer planned numerous email and SMS campaigns reminding people of upcoming events and programmed them appropriately for different audiences (e.g., for attendees of individual stationary meetings or attendees of an online event on the platform).

Each participant who registered for a desktop meeting and confirmed his or her identity received a platform-generated personalized admission ticket along with a unique QR code. He presented the ticket with the code at the entrance to the meeting, and a Blum representative verified it using the Gridaly check-in application.

Personalized ticket with QR code

To create a user path to unlock the Blum catalog order form on the event platform, the organizer used gamification functionality and session tabs. In the session tab, the organizer created 10 sessions in which he embedded video content he had prepared. Then, thanks to gamification, the session tabs were programmed so that only 1 session was visible to each participant, and each subsequent session unlocked after 80% of the videos had been viewed. Once all 10 videos were viewed, a new tab appeared in the event's navigation, which included a Blum catalog order form.

Participant track using gamification and session cards

The order form was integrated with that of Inpost, allowing each participant to take advantage not only of the catalog's courier delivery option but also of delivery to any Inpost Parcel Machine throughout Poland.

Catalog order form integrated with Inpost

Results and conclusions:

13896 event registrations: 2843 for stationary meetings and 11148 for online event

11209 catalogs handed out at stationary meetings and ordered online

12279 business relationships established with potential clients 

The organizer managed to collect a total of 13896 registrations for the event. 2843 people registered for the stationary meetings and 11148 for the online event on the platform.

The organizer distributed a total of 11209 catalogs. 1791 were picked up during the stationary meetings, and 9418 were ordered through the form on the platform.

The organizer managed to establish as many as 1,279 business relationships with potential customers thanks to the entire event.