Blum uses Gridaly to launch a new catalog and establish 12279 business relationships with potential clients

09 Feb 11:39
The company ran a series of in-person and online events in order to launch a new product catalog, collect data from potential customers, and establish future business relationships.

Blum on the Road was a series of in-person and online events organized by Blum, which was a product launch of their latest product catalog for 2022/2023. The series consisted of 14 stationary meetings in 13 cities across Poland and an online event in the Gridaly web app.


Blum wanted to launch their newest product catalog, give it away to their customers, and use this opportunity to (collect data and) establish business relationships.


Hosting a series of 15 events via Gridaly (14 in-person events in 13 cities in Poland as well as 1 online event) allowed Blum to collect 13K+ attendee registrations, distribute thousands of product catalogs, and establish 12279 business relationships with potential customers.


13896 registrations for 15 different events managed from 1 place 

Blum used Gridaly registration system to successfully collect 13,896 registrations for 15 events: 14 in-person and 1 online. Attendees were signing up for events on a dedicated event landing page, where they provided their personal information & selected the event they wished to attend. On that basis, every attendee was assigned a corresponding tag. Participants could not register for more than one in-person event. There was also a limited pool of tickets for each stationary meeting. Once the limit was exceeded, registration for a specific stationary meeting became inactive. 

All registrations were stored in one place, which made them easy for Blum to access and manage at any time.

88% double opt-in rate thanks to an automated email campaign, which later translated into 12279 potential business relationships

In order to be able to convert registrations into business leads, Blum needed to obtain GDPR consent for marketing purposes from the registered attendees. They used Gridaly to prepare an automated double opt-in email campaign, in which attendees could confirm their GDPR consent. Emails were sent automatically upon successful registration. If a participant did not confirm their consent within 24 hours of registering, the system re-sent them an email. 

With the automated email campaign, Blum achieved an 88% double opt-in rate, which means that 12279 registered attendees could be later qualified as potential business leads.

2x faster in-person check-in thanks to tickets with unique QR codes & Gridaly Check-in app

By switching to Gridaly event software, Blum managed to double the speed of the in-person attendee check-in. Every registered attendee who confirmed their GDPR consent automatically received a personalized admission ticket with a unique QR code. They presented it on their smartphone upon entry to the event venue and an attendant scanned it in the Gridaly Check-in app.


Personalized ticket with QR code


Engaging online attendee experience thanks to sessions and gamification

In order to deliver an engaging experience to online participants, Blum used gamification and session rooms on the event platform. The organizers created 10 session rooms, in which they embedded their branded video content, and used gamification to create a user journey: attendees could only order the Blum product catalog after watching all 10 videos. Upon entering the event platform attendees could only see and access 1 session room. After watching 80% of the first video, a subsequent session room unlocked revealing another video. Once all 10 videos in the session rooms were unlocked and viewed, a new tab appeared in the event platform's navigation, revealing an order form for the Blum catalog.


User journey: unlocking video content via gamification and session rooms


Efficient catalog ordering & shipping with InPost integration in the web app

Blum wanted to streamline the process of online catalog ordering. That is why, in the catalog order form on the web platform, the organizers integrated Inpost API, which allowed participants to choose between two shipping options: traditional delivery or InPost Parcel Locker shipping. 


Catalog order form with Inpost API integration


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