Carpathian Startup Fest streamlines the event organization process & improves the quality of networking with Gridaly

14 Jul 12:03
With Gridaly event software, the organizers moved some of their processes online, improving the event's organization and flow. Gridaly mobile app and matchmaking allowed participants to experience a new quality of networking and establish more valuable relationships.

Carpathian Startup Fest is an event dedicated to entrepreneurship and technology that brings together startups, scaleups, investors, corporations, media, and founders. It is organized annually by the Rzeszow Regional Development Agency S.A.


Carpathian Startup Fest organizers wanted to increase their event's efficiency and improve the relationships established in the Business Dating area. 


Using Gridaly's event software, the organizers managed participant registrations and stationary check-in more efficiently, the competition jury conducted real-time voting, and participants arranged and held 744 meetings in the Business Dating zone.


Startup applications, free and paid registration, and workshop registration managed from one place

During previous editions of Carpathian Startup Fest, startup applications for the competition, event registrations, ticket purchases, and workshop registrations were all done through the organizer's own website, with participant lists exported to documents and printed. Now, using an event page created in Gridaly's page builder, all submissions and registrations are managed from one place, and appropriate tags are assigned to event participants to quickly identify their scope of participation in the event. At a glance, you know who is entering the competition, who has bought a ticket, and who has signed up for a workshop.

Event landing page with registrations


2x faster in-person check-in thanks to the Gridaly Check-in app

The process of attendees' entry to events has so far been done in the traditional way - attendees would show up at the venue with an ID card, and the staff, based on the ID card and a printed list of attendees, would issue name badges that entitled them to enter the event area. By using the Gridaly Check-in app, the process has almost doubled in speed. Now, participants simply show the attendant their ticket with a personalized QR code on their smartphone, and the attendant scans it in the check-in app. Based on the scanned QR code, name badge stickers are also printed on the spot.

Event ticket with QR code in the Gridaly mobile app


The competition jury votes in real-time

Part of the Carpathian Startup Fest is a competition for startups and scaleups, during which the jury evaluates the submissions. The first vote is to select the awarded projects, which are then evaluated in detail in the second phase by assigning a certain number of points. In previous editions of the competition, voting took place "on paper." - The jury voted in the first phase, after which the votes were counted and the awardees were selected. The jury voted again, after which the votes were counted again to select the final winners in each category. The voting and counting processes did not take place in parallel, which increased their time, and there were additional issues such as the need to print ballots, the security of their storage, and the need to manually count votes to avoid mistakes. The use of voting forms that are part of Gridaly's event software allowed the organizers to eliminate all these inconveniences - voting takes place in real-time, the results are counted by a computer, eliminating the possibility of mistakes, and all voting data is stored in the cloud, taking care of security issues and reducing the number of printed documents.

Enhanced networking experience and 744 meetings held using matchmaking and the Gridaly mobile app

A key part of Carpathian Startup Fest is networking, which is a chance for startups and scaleups to meet investors and pitch their ideas to them, but also a great opportunity to meet interesting people and exchange experiences. Until now, the organizers of the event only provided space for networking, and it was up to the participant himself to arrange meetings along with the preceding research of the participants. In this edition, networking went to a higher level thanks to matchmaking and the Gridaly mobile app. The matchmaking functionality, which is designed to provide recommendations of people for networking based on information contained in the participant's profile, is launched 2 weeks before the start of the event. Based on the information contained in the participants' profiles, AI suggests to the participants with whom it is worth arranging a meeting. The entire process is supported by a mobile app, where users can set their availability for meetings in a few moments, send, accept, and decline meeting invitations, and manage their entire calendar. As a result, more than 50% of registered CSF participants download the Gridaly mobile app to their phones and 744 meetings are held.

Connections recommendations and calendar management in the Gridaly mobile app


A meeting in the Business Dating area


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